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RePhoto Iceland

RePhoto Iceland is currently under development. We are seeking support to create an open source and accessible tool to help geolocate photographs of Iceland’s glaciers and recapture them. If you would like to know more or to get involved please contact us.

Left: Hólarjökull, 1989, Colin Baxter

Right: Hólarjökull, 2020, Kieran Baxter


Virtual repeat photography is the process of locating a historical photograph in 3D using available landscape data. It can be a vital step in preparing to shoot a successful repeat photograph.


There are various software environments that can be used for virtual repeat photography but the process is time consuming and requires specialist knowledge.


We would like to change that.

The RePhoto Iceland project will bring together publicly available digital elevation model (DEM) and colour aerial/satalite data into one easy-to-use interface where photos of Iceland's glaciers can be aligned in 3D. This tool will be open source and accessible for glaciologists, researchers, photographers and citizen scientists alike.


Left: Morsárjökull, 1925, Ingólfur Ingólfsson

Right: Morsárjökull, 2019, Hrafnhildur Hannesdóttir

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