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Ice Watch Project

Well found!

It looks like you've found a repeat photography station which is part of the Ice Watch project. This equipment is part of an ongoing effort to record changes in Iceland's glaciers over time. Please do not touch it! Even a small movement can interfere with the recording.


What is it exactly?

The station marks the exact location where a camera is used to record repeat photographs over many months. The camera is autonomous and records photographs from two lenses creating a wide-angle panorama every half hour. There are also two empty mounts that are used to return additional cameras to exactly the same positions during repeat visits.

Why is it here?

Special permission has been granted from Vatnajökull National Park to place the equipment here to monitor the movements of the glacier. Icelandic glaciers are very vulnerable to changes in the climate which is why it is important to record images that show these changes taking place. When the project is over the equipment will be removed without trace.

Who do I contact?

The project is being conducted by Dr Kieran Baxter and Dr Þorvarður Árnason at the University of Iceland's Research Centre in Hornafjörður. If you have any questions, comments or if there is a problem with the equipment please get in contact with us via the contact page.

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