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Making climate visible

Our climate is changing at an extraordinary rate. While this is plainly visible in our glacier landscapes, aerial and digital technologies are needed to see the full extent of changes across larger scales and timeframes.


This project explores the creative application of these technologies to better communicate the science behind our changing climate.

Top left: 3D montage view of Skálafellsjökull, Southeast Iceland, derived from aerial photographs from the National Land Survey of Iceland, 1989.

Bottom right: Aerial photograph of Skálafellsjökull, Southeast Iceland, taken by Dr Kieran Baxter, 2019.


After Ice - short film 

Ice-Watch project - six weeks of melt at Breiðamerkurjökull

We are now raising funds for the Ice-Watch project to install more time-lapse cameras in Southeast Iceland. Visit the GoFundMe or Ice-Watch pages to find out more.

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